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Welcome to St. Paul's, Rampur

missionSt. Paul's Senior Secondary School, Rampur comprising classes upto class XII under the Central Board of Secondary Educational, Delhi is managed by the ST. Paul's Eductional Society, Rampur. It comprises of Educational and Social Workers representing a cross section of the community.


It is an Independent Unaided School incorporating some of the finest features of the Public School System and open to al boys and girls. It also aims to fulfill in the children, a broad-based secular outlook without compromising their social and religious obligations.


The School is located in a pollution free, salubrious, student friendly surrounding which is most condusive to academic pursuits, its imposing modern structure acts as a motivation to the students. It is equipped with a well stocked library, a spacious reading room, extensive play grounds, well equipped music and art sections, large well lighted & ventilated classrooms and modern sanitation.

Value Education

The More contemporary values deliver optimal educational outcomes for each individual student. The strong and diverse academic program reflects best practice for each stage of schooling...  Learn More


Mission & Vision
missionOne of the challanges adopted for the empowerment of the girl child was the introduction of a separate Girls Wing in this School. Parallel Education, as it is know worldwide, will be an enlightened method of learning and teaching at St. Paul's that recognizes the diverse educational needs of boys and girls. Co-education however, continues and boys and girls carry on to study together.

At the same time a separate school wing upto Class XII exclusively for girls has been established on this campus. However, in all stages of schooling, there will be co-operation and interaction between the two wings whenever this appropriate and beneficial to the students.

Teaching Staff

The school lays particular emphasis on quality education through effective teaching and copious teaching aids. The staff engaged have high academic and teaching qualification...  Learn More

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